Princess Badroulbadour was the daughter of the sultan of China, and when she goes to baths, citizens had duty to not look at her. However, Aladdin disobeyed, fell in love at first sight, and had recently found a magic lamp, with a genie that granted wishes.

He wished to become a prince, asked for her hand, and Badroulbadour and him lived happy for a while. Unfortunately, the sorcerer who wanted the lamp since the very beginning came to the palace, disguised as a peddler, saying he exchanged old lamps for news.

A servant of Badroulbadour, not knowing to what this old lamp in her masters room was used for, gave it to the sorcerer.

Poor Badroulbadour and her palace were transported far away. She resisted the sorcerer each night. Until Aladdin found another genie in a ring, and with his help arrived to the palace. He secretly talked to his wife, and told her to pretend to be happy when the sorcerer arrived at night. They share a dinner, but Badroulbadour poisoned his wine, and he died immediately. The princess and Aladdin lived happily ever after.


-Badroulbadour appears in The one thousand and one nights, in the tale Aladdin and the magic lamp.

-Her kingdom is China.

-Sheherazade located this story in China, but every detail tended to remind of Persia. Thus most adaptations (except the Steve Barron one) located the tale in Persia instead, making the princess looking Arab instead of Chinese.

-Her name means "Full moons of full moons". It's a bit long, explaining why it's not used in adaptations (except perhaps in the 1970 animated movie). It was shortened to Badral in the Toei animation movie (1982). The princess is otherwise named Zubaida in the Steve Barron mini series, Suleika in the animated series Clementine, and Jasmine in the Disney version. That's also her name in the 1952 movie, and she is named Yasminda in the 1959 UPA movie and Armina in the 1945 one.

-The great vizier wanted her to marry his son, but Aladdin wished to become her husband first.


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